Croatian Pre-Romanesque Churches

The pieces of Croatian Pre-Romanesque ecclesiastic architecture, beautiful little churches, appeared at the end of eight and the dawn of ninth century. Numerous and diverse, they have been continued in a range of three hundred years during 9th, 10th and 11th century. In the beginning of twelfth century new forms and shapes were established. The term Pre-Romanesque ("before something clearly determined") is telling us that the period of strictly profiled shapes is gone, and a new period cannot be perceived. Dimensions of most of these churches, we can freely say, are humbly... In fact, you could place them inside a one larger contemporary living room, with some exceptions, of course. So, this unpretentiousness (in size, not in variety of shapes) and their unreachable charming beauty, is exactly what turned me on to say something about them. It is not my intention to teach you this material in detail, or to explain churches' morphological, architectural and aesthetic characteristics. It will be my pleasure to let the profession to deal with it. What I want to do is to offer you a gallery of photos that show a diversity of forms and shapes. And, at the end, I shall proudly show you the result of my spellbound-like avocation: proportionally small churches made of stone, according to original schemes, scale drawings and design. Thank you for visiting my site.

Niksa Coric

About Me

I was born in Makarska and live and work in Rijeka, Croatia. From my youth period I am very fond of cute little Pre-Romanesque churches and the idea to build their design models was growing in my mind for many years. Except this, I use to make mould plaster and clay models of those and other ecclesiastic and also objects of public architecture. I am amateur musician, too. During the year 2000 I played guitar in Pissin' Hilda, cult rock band for a little bunch of fans, band that unfortunately did not go to the legend. Year 2001, in collaboration with set-designer Dalibor Laginja and stage illumination engeneer Deni Sesnic, I created a video-wall and applied it on the back side of the stage during a solistic concert of famous guitar player Damir Halilic-Hal in Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc in Rijeka.

Occasionally I work in printing house, making prepress activities for offset and silk-screen printing, as well as graphic and web design. Amateur photography is my great hobby. It is my great pleasure to play with Adobe Photoshop software making funny pictures of my friends and myself in funny situations.

Niksa Coric




Here you can see Croatian Pre-Romanesque little churches. Their photos are chosen mostly by following morphological diversities.



Stone Models

Here there are some of my works, allmost all were made in last ten years. Unfortunately, most of earlier stonework was documented before era of digital photography, models are private property all over Europe and their photos are lost.

Photo Gallery

Other Materials

Here are photos of works, mainly clay and plaster models of sacred, but also popular residential architecture.



The Istrianauts, a.k.a. "No Problem Assocciation", is the name of a small group of good friends, Istrian true fans, bunch of people who love Istrian tastes, sights and sounds, and who more or less regularly visit the wine and gastronomic destinations of central Istria for many years.

There are two landing points of our Association activities: the first one is amazing Istrian wine and the second is our good friend Rino who is, together with his family, a good spirit of our Istrianautic excursions. There are not many people like this man!

In an offered photo galleries interested visitor will be able to see randomly selected photo images that represent a small cross-section through a long navigation of beautiful Istria.

P.S. During the shooting of these photos wine was flowing in streams, and several lambs, calves and similar pets perished accidentally. For these catasthrophic events "No Problem Assocciation" bears full responsibility.


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